Bolide iCube - WiFi IP "Place Anywhere" Camera with IR
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Bolide iCube - WiFi IP "Place Anywhere" Camera with IR

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Bolide's iCubeWifi network camera is the latest addition to the iPac series and loaded with features including wireless connection, built-in SD card for recording, two-way audio communication, high power IR for night operation and innovative PIR for accurate motion detection. With a built-in advanced CPU and web server, iCube offers a complete day and night monitoring system for homes, offices and large-scale applications. Featuring simple installation and user friendly web-based interface, consumers can easily integrate the iCube into an existing network and view the streaming video from a PC, notebook, as well as access with their smartphone such as Apple or Android smartphone.

iCubeis also built with an advanced PIR Motion Alert System - Passive Infrared that can detect objects more accurately compared to traditional motion detection. With the Motion Alert System, iCube can easily capture the intruder by activating the attractive alert sound when motion is detected. With the help of IR, this camera is prefect for night operation and delivers clear high resolution images 24/7. With the built-in web server, iCube allows you access to the most common activities, such as viewing live video, playback your recordings, exporting videos and takeing snapshots with a touch of single button. iCube is a small camera loaded with tons of features for all your surveillance needs.