SEB-1004RW Samsung Wireless Night Vision Camera Kit with Audio

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SEB-1004RW Samsung Wireless Weatherproof Night Vision Camera with Audio, Includes Receiver

Supported Models:

SDE-4001N, SDE-5001N, SDE-4002N, SDE-5002N, SDE-3001N, SDE-3003N

  • Wireless Camera
  • Built in Microphone
  • IP66 grade weather proof camera
  • Auto Activated Infrared LED light up 50fts in the dark
  • Metal body design for durability

The SEB-1004RW brings you video, audio, and wireless! It gives you true freedom and convenience. Just place your camera where you need it; now without the hassle of a cable. The SEB-1004RW is IP66 compliant. They have undergone rigorous extreme weather testing to withstand the most harsh weather conditions. The SEB-1004RW comes with a metal body design for additional durability.

SEB-1004RW has 20 auto activated infrared LED lights, giving it the capability to record up 50ft in night time conditions. It is also a high resolution camera recording at 520TVL, producing crystal clear pictures.

Built in Microphone for audio recording
The SEB-1004RW bring you high quality camera for high resolution video recording and high quality microphone for crisp audio recording in one product. It makes your Samsung security system even more convenient to you. Install the camera where you need both video and audio recording.


IP66 Compliant and Durable
SEB-1004RW is durable and tested under the harshest conditions. IP66 Compliant means that the cameras has been rated a 6 against solid particles. The 6 rating means that the camera is dust proof. Furthermore, the SEB-1004RW has been given a 6 against liquids. This means that SEB-1004RW has been tested against strong jets of water and unless it is complete submerged under water; it has been declared weather proof.


Auto-Activated Infrared LED, Picture Quality of 520 TVL
The SEB-1004RW has 20 infrared LED lights. These lights illuminate the camera with auto-activated infrared lights, enabling discreet recording in night time conditions. The SEB-1004RW can record up to 50ft. in night time conditions. SEB-1004RW also records with 520TVL, making the picture quality crisp and clear. Samsung has gone above the industry's standards in delivering a camera with high resolution recordings


Wireless Capable, Installation's a Snap!
The SEB-1004RW is wireless capable, making the installation easy! No need to worry about running cables. Just put it where you need it and plug it in. The SEB-1004RW will record both audio and video, is completely weather proof, and night vision capable. It will do its job wherever you need it to. And now, its wireless capability gives you true freedom in placing this camera!

Connect to Your TV for LIve Monitoring
Not only is your SEB-1004RW able to connect to your DVR wirelessly for recording, you can connect your wireless receive to your TV directly for live monitoring independent of the DVR. This means you can use your camera to record on your Samsung DVR or use it as a stand alone monitoring device; perfect for doors and gates.

Connect to TV or other device


Connect to Samsung DVR

Wireless Connection for a Simple Installation
Thought Samsung security cameras bring you top of the line quality and security, running 60ft of cable is not simple task. With the new SEB-1004RW, you don't have to deal with running cables through the wall or through your attic. Simply connect your wireless receive to your DVR, install your camera where you want it to go, and you're done. It has an unbeatable 492ft of line of sight range.



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