HD-SDI Digital Video Recorder

HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface) is a video standard developed to stream uncompressed HD (1080p) video across coaxial cable. This technology offers the sharpest, artifact-free video with low latency.
It is no surprise that HD-SDI has been ported for CCTV use. Existing RG59 and RG6 coaxial cable infrastructure from analog CCTV systems can be utilized with HD-SDI. The result is dramatically improved image quality without the high costs of running new cables.


Stoic 4 Channel HD-SDI Hybrid DVR

Stoic 8 Channel HD-SDI Hybrid DVR




Stoic 16 Channel HD-SDI Hybrid DVR


  Why HD-SDI?

High Definition
HD-SDI is the only technology that offers uncompressed digital 1080p resolution. Unlike IP, HD-SDI video shows no compression artifacts, getting the best possible picture from the resolution.

Simple Installation
HD-SDI installs just as easily as a standard analog camera security system. HD-SDI does not require a complex network infrastructure, so installation is easier than IP security system.

Low Latency
Monitor video in real-time, without the transmission delays commonly found with IP systems. The live video you see is actual video without any lag.

Easy Transition
HD-SDI uses the same RG59 cable commonly used with analog camera installations, so converting from analog to HD-SDI is as simple as swapping the cameras and DVR. Additionally, some HD-SDI DVRs are backwards compatible with analog cameras, so both analog and HD-SDI cameras can be used in the same system.