CCTV-SOLAR Solar Power Kit for CCTV with Battery 100W, 90A

CCTV-SOLAR Solar Power Kit for CCTV with Battery 100W, 90A

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CCTV-SOLAR Solar Power Kit for CCTV with Battery 100W, 90A

Kit Contents

  • 100W Solar Panel
  • Lead Acid Battery 90Ah/12V
  • NEMA Box
  • 10A/12V Controller
  • Cables and Screws
  • Please allow 5-14 days for delivery

Use this kit to power CCTV surveillance cameras in places where power is not available. You can also couple this with our Wi-Fi or 4G Sniper Security cameras for completely wireless CCTV. Solar powered security camera systems allow you to install a camera in remote locations where providing a traditional wired power source may be impractical or expensive. Solar systems can be especially helpful for the special needs of Farms, Oil and Gas Facilities, Parks and recreation, Construction sites, and more.


100W Solar Panel

Silicon Type: Mono

Size: 550 x 1538 x 35 mm

N Weight: 9.4 kg

Voc: 43.0V

Vmp: 34.5V

Imp: 2.86A

Isc: 3.02A

Effi ciency: >16.4%

FF (%): 70-72%

Operating Temperature: -40°C to 80°C

90Ah/12V Battery

Nominal Voltage: 12V

Nominal Capacity: 77°F (25°C)

20-hr (4.50A): 90 Ah

10-hr (8.37A): 83.7 Ah

5-hr (15.30A): 76.5 Ah

1-hr (54.00A): 54 Ah

Weight: 59.5 lbs (27 kgs)

Internal Resistance: 7mΩ

Shelf Life (% of normal capacity at 77°F (25°C))

3 months: 91%

6 months: 82%

12 months: 64%

Dimensions: 6.61 (W) x 12.05 (L) x 8.27 (H) inches

10A/12V Controller

Automatic Light Control and Time Control System

Could connect to city power function

Size: 124 x 92 x 28 mm

N. Weight: 0.2kg

Working Temperature: -20°C~50°C

Over-charging/discharging protection

Reverse-connection protection

Switch on automatically with light sensor

Switch off after 11-12 hours later

NEMA Box Material: Engineered Steel

Sealing: Sealing strips, stainless steel fasteners

Cables and Screws

GB Standard fl exible core

(2) 1.5mm for powered device

(2) 2.5mm for solar panel

Screws: Stainless steel 304


 * A solar panel's power rating is generally shown in Watts and it is common for security cameras to run on 12Volts DC. A handy mathematical formula to know when working with power is {Watts = Volts x Amps} or {Watts / Volts = Amps}. To figure out how much energy your solar panel will produce, you will need to know how many hours of full sun your location gets. The map below  indicates the average (over the course of the year) amount of solar insolation (full sun hours) for these zones. These figures are based on the yearly average; consequently, systems based on these figures will provide more power in summer and less in winter. Winter figures for daily solar gain may be from 25% to 50% LESS than these average figures.


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