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Samsung HD Smartcam, Outdoor Home Monitoring Security with Wireless Transmission and HD Card Slot

Samsung Home Monitoring Camera

  • Quick & Simple Setup with Intuitive Operation
  • 1080p Full HD Video Quality
  • IP66 Weather-Resistant Camera
  • Dual-Component Design
  • Motion Detection & Zone Select
  • microSD card slot for video storage
  • Email and Mobile Notification
  • Ultra-Wide Angle Lens
  • True Day and Night with IR Cut Filter
  • Night Vision Up to 50ft.

Samsung HD Outdoor Home Monitoring Camera (SNH-E6440BN)

Is Sparky digging in the garden again?  Has the delivery arrived?  Did the kids bring the recycling to the street?  The SmartCam HD Outdoor camera puts the answers at your fingertips, even when you are away or behind closed doors.  

Designed to withstand the elements and maximize your WiFi capabilities, the wireless SmartCam HD Outdoor delivers an intuitive security solution for areas outside your home or business.  Streaming in vivid Full HD to your computer and laptop and up to 720p on your hand-held mobile device*,the SmartCam HD Outdoor camera is quickly customized to provide a range of advanced monitoring and notification options including Motion Detection and Motion Zone Select.   

An easily-accessed, built-in slot for a microSD memory card affords reliable video storage while eliminating monthly cloud recording service charges-one more way Samsung demonstrates its commitment to your safety, security and peace of mind.

* iPhone® iPad® Android® smartphone and tablets


Quick Setup and Intuitive Operation The SmartCam HD Outdoor WiFi camera is up and running in a matter of minutes using WiFi Direct on any iPhone, iPad or Android device.  No software or CDs required!  Simply download the free SmartCam app and follow the easy, step-by-step process to launch your remote viewing from anywhere, anytime.

1080p Full HD Video Quality The SmartCam HD Outdoor WiFi IP camera's 1/2.8-inch CMOS sensor processes existing light to render vibrant colors and vivid details in 1080p Full HD on your computer and desktop.  Streaming in up to 720p to your smart device, the SmartCam Outdoor  ensures that facial features and fine points won't go unnoticed.   You'll know at a glance if your son's science project was a hit!

IP66 Weather-Resistant Camera Rain?  Wind?  The SmartCam Outdoor's performance in stormy weather will blow you away.  With the IP66 weather-resistant rating, you can rest assured that this camera has been rigorously tested to withstand heat, cold, dust, wind and rain.   So, although Mother Nature and Old Man Winter are welcome to make a cameo appearance in your video, they won't get to play the villains with your camera

Dual-Component Design Samsung engineering maximizes the functional placement of this two-unit design.  While the weather-resistant camera is placed outside, the indoor power/WiFi module stays closer to the router for a strong signal.  The camera and power/WiFi components are connected with a simple cord which allows a small, discrete camera profile and eliminates the need for an outdoor electrical outlet


Motion Detection Movement often signals that something in the camera's view needs your attention.  The SmartCam HD Outdoor can be custom set to the level of event sensitivity you prefer for triggering alerts.  Maybe you want to know when a car comes into the driveway or when the neighborhood lacrosse game crosses into your crocuses.

Motion Zone Select Motion Zone Select further fine-tunes what you want the camera to pay attention to.  If a driveway gate is your area of interest, simply draw a box around it on your screen and the camera will alert you when someone comes or goes.  You can select up to three motion zones in the camera's field of view.

microSD Memory Card Slot The SmartCam HD Outdoor provides a local storage solution, recording video directly onto a microSD memory card with up to 32GB capacity.  Set your camera for continuous recording or, to minimize viewing time and storage space, for recording only when motion events are detected.   The saved video can be remotely viewed from any computer or Android or iOS device.

Email and Mobile Notification With the Samsung SmartCam HD Outdoor camera, you always know what is going on, even if you're behind closed doors or out of town.  You can set your camera for instant email alerts and push notifications to your smart device whenever significant motion is detected - and  monitor the event in real time while it is automatically recorded onto a microSDHC memory card.  Bringing your safety to the forefront, Samsung empowers you to respond instantly to unexpected events and review stored recordings


Ultra-Wide Angle If no one's allowed in the pool while you're away, seeing only part of it could send you off the deep end. Samsung's 128° Ultra-Wide Angle lens lets you dive into the whole scene - expanding your recording coverage without compromising quality

True Day & Night The SmartCam HD Outdoor features an advanced IR Cut Filter for accurate, vibrant colors and a Night Vision mode to capture clear, illuminated footage up to 50 feet.   That means you'll know at a glance if the midnight bandit on the deck has two feet or four.

Samsung Light Enhancer (SLE) It's probably just the squeaky swing set creaking in the nighttime breeze, but you only have to check your smartphone to be sure.  The SmartCam HD Outdoor camera is equipped to enrich available light in dark areas, providing superior image detail in even the most challenging low light conditions.

One Year Samsung Warranty

Samsung Authorized Distributor

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