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MICO-065KIT Universal Weatherproof CCTV Microphone Kit with 150 Foot Cable and Power.

This Plug and Play kit works with almost any System.


KIT Includes: Outdoor Microphone, 150 Foot Audio and Power cable, Power Adapter, Swivel Mounting Bracket

Simple to use, Small enough to hide in covert devices.

This high performance, Weatherproof  Microphone for use in applications where vandalism and property intrusion are of concern. The microphone is housed in a case similar to that of common standard 'bullet type' security camera but this is a microphone only. The included swivel mount allows for numerous mounting options. This kit is compatible with almost any surveillance system. Also available with 65 and 100 foot cable.

Also works with the following Samsung Systems:

Supported Models:
SDH-C5100, SDH-C75100, SDH-C75080, SDH-C74040, SDH-C73040, SDS-P5122, SDS-P5082, SDS-P4082, SDS-P4042, SDS-P3042, SDS-P3022, SDH-P4040, SDS-P3040, SDS-P4080, SDS-P5100, SDS-P5101, SDS-P5080, SDS-V3040, SDS-V4040, SDH-V5100, SDS-V4041, SDH-P5080, SDS-V5080, SDH-P4080
SDR-4200, SDR-5200, SDR-3100, SDR-4100, SDR-5100, SDR-5300
SDC-7340BC, SDC-5340BC, SDC-5440BC, SDC-8440BC, SDC-9441BC

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